Leoni Warne Prize

AAIS is proud to be a sponsor of the Leoni Warne Prize. Leoni Warne was passionate, professionally, about two things: the information systems discipline and working to promote the role of women in IT. To honour her contribution to our field, and specifically women and IT, the AAIS, ACS and ACPHIS have combined to establish the Leoni Warne Prize.

Nominations should reach the organisers by theĀ first Friday in October and the shortlist will be announced on the last Friday in October.


2011 – Catherine Lang

2012 – Gail Ridley and Judy Young

2013 – Madeleine Roberts and Tanya McGill

2014 – Elena Gorbacheva, Annemieke Craig, Jenine Beekhuyzeb abd Jo Coldweel-Neilson