2005 – Chris Keen, Dean Steer

Reflections on the Cross-cultural Delivery of an Information Systems Degree in China

Prof Chris Keen
Dean Steer
University of Tasmania

School of Information Systems
University of Tasmania
Hobart, Tasmania
Email: Chris.Keen@utas.edu.au
Email: Dean.Steer@utas.edu.au

The School of Information Systems at the University of Tasmania has been teaching a Bachelor of Information Systems degree at the Shanghai Fisheries University for the past three years. This article critically reflects on the nature of that teaching, the issues that have arisen and the methodology that was adopted to introduce this programme to a Chinese university. A framework for the analysis of international education has been adopted as a means through which to identify each of the issues that have arisen in the delivery and administration of this programme. The findings reflect on impact of the social and cultural contexts in which such international off-shore programmes are delivered.